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Fifth Third Arena - Adult Hockey Leagues
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Fifth Third (Fall 2019)

 Divisions League Message

B (Fifth Third Arena - B)
C (Fifth Third Arena - C)
C2 - Black (Fifth Third Arena - C2-Black)
C2 - Red (Fifth Third Arena - C2-Red)
D-Velopment (Fifth Third Arena - D-Velopment)

Fall 2019 Playoff Schedule


B League (1st and 2nd receive byes)

December 11

4th - Grease vs 5th - Twine Flu, 11:10pm, Hyundai Rink

December 13

3rd - Cyclunks vs 6th - Cougar Cruisers, 9:20pm, Hyundai Rink

December 15

Semi Final, 1st - Humongous Melonheads vs Twine Flu, 9:00pm, Mission Rink

Semi Final, 2nd - BreakThru vs Cyclunks, 10:30pm, Mission Rink

December 18

Championship, 10:10pm, Hyundai Rink


C League

December 14

1st - Watchmen vs 8th - Pass Shoot Glass, 9:10pm, Hyundai Rink

2nd - Final Final vs 7th - Iceoholics, 10:40pm, Hyundai Rink

December 16

4th - Boozehounds vs 5th - PBR, 10:10pm, Mission Rink

December 17

3rd - TBD vs 6th - HawkAuto.com, 9:40pm, Hyundai Rink

December 19

Semi Final, Watchmen vs 4/5, 8:10pm, Hyundai Rink

Semi Final, Iceoholics vs 3/6, 11:10pm, Hyundai Rink

December 20

Championship, 10:40pm, Hyundai Rink



December 13

2nd - Four Treys vs 3rd - Nature Boys, 10:50pm, Hyundai Rink

December 15

1st - Glory Goals vs 4th - North Kariya, 9:00pm, Hyundai Rink

December 18

Championship, Four Treys vs 9:30pm, Mission Rink


C2-Red (1st and 2nd receive byes)

December 15

4th - Rats vs 5th - Stan Mikita's Donuts, 10:30pm, Hyundai Rink

December 17

Semi Final, 1st - Trainwreck vs 4/5, 9:30pm, Mission Rink

3rd - Honey Badgers vs 6th - Shamrocks, 11:00pm, Mission Rink

December 19

Semi Final, 2 - CMS vs 3/6, 11:00pm, Mission Rink

December 20

Championship, 9:10pm, Hyundai Rink


D-Velopment (1st and 2nd receive byes)

December 14

4th - The Stallions Sires vs 5th - Disco Biscuits, 10:20pm, Mission Rink

December 16

Semi Final, 1st - Wake and Skate vs The Stallions Sires, 9:40pm, Hyundai Rink

3rd - Mighty Nerds vs 6th - Chiefs D, 11:10pm, Hyundai Rink

December 18

Semi Final, 2nd - Nordekes vs 3/6, 11:00pm, Mission Rink

December 21

Championship, 9:30pm, Hyundai Rink




League Facilities
Online entry arena Fifth Third Arena

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