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BSP Cambridge (Summer 2018)

 Divisions League Message

2018 Sunday SHL
2018 Tuesday Men's East
2018 Tuesday Womens Summer Hockey
2018 Wednesday 30+ SHL East
2018 Wednesday 30+ SHL West
2018 Thursday SHL


Throughout the course of the season many factors may contribute to the changes being required to your sports schedule.  Although every effort will be made to prevent this from happening, changes are required to ensure all leagues run as smoothly as possible.

Therefore the League reserves the right and informs you that changes may be made to schedules prior to 72 hours of your game WITHOUT notice.  It is then suggested and/or required that you check your game day schedule within 3 days prior to you scheduled game.

Should a change need to be made by the League Office less then 72 hours prior to your game, you will be contact by phone AND/OR email to be made aware of the change.


League Facilities
Laptop rink Cambridge Sports Park
Terminal rink Westwood Arenas

 League Schedule

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 Contact Information

Buckingham Cambridge
• (519) 622-4494