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Canlan Classic Tournaments - Youth
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CCT Youth (12 Summer Meltdown)

This league has multiple active seasons, you are currently in the 12 Summer Meltdown season. All active seasons are listed below. (note: past seasons can be found in the drop down menu above)

12 Niagara Falls 1
12 Bring Your Best

 Divisions Tournament Message

2004 #3
2004 #2
2004 #1
2003 #2
2003 #1
2002 #2
2002 #1
2001 #3
2001 #2
2001 #1
2000 #3
2000 #2
2000 #1
1999 #3
1999 #2
1999 #1
1998 # 2
1998 # 1
1996 #2
1996 #1

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Niagara Falls Youth Challenge II (July 6-8): The schedule will be posted by Friday June 29 at 5pm EST.

Youth Classic (July 13-15): The schedule will be posted by Friday July 6th at 5pm EST.

Tournament Facilities
Terminal rink Chesswood Arenas
Laptop rink Don Beer
Online entry arena Gale Centre
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Burnaby 8 Rinks
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Etobicoke
Laptop rink Ice Sports - Fort Wayne
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Langley Twin Rinks
Terminal rink Ice Sports - North Shore
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Oakville
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Oshawa
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Scarborough
Terminal rink Ice Sports - Victoria Park
Terminal rink Ice Sports - York
Laptop rink Ice Sports Romeoville
Laptop rink Iroquois Park Sports Center
Laptop rink Luther Vipond Memorial Arena
Online entry arena McKinney Centre
Online entry arena Panthers IceDen
Laptop rink Paramount Ice
Laptop rink Richmond Olympic Oval
Laptop rink Seymour - Hannah Sports & Entertainment Centre
Terminal rink Vaughan Iceplex
Online entry arena Vaughan Sports Village
Laptop rink Victoria Village Arena
Terminal rink Westwood Arenas

 Tournament Schedule

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 Contact Information

Canlan Classic Tournaments - Youth
• 1-888-422-6526