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Penguins Adult Hockey Classic
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PAHC (PAHC 2012)


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Div Home Away Time boxscore/Rink/GS GT
Thu, Feb 23
Chinstraps Suds-N-Sticks 4 Night Hawks 3 7:00 pm final
King Hosers 1 Zone Hockey 7 8:20 pm final
Royal Human Production 2 The Odd Bloods 3 9:40 pm final
Fri, Feb 24
Chinstraps D5 7 Honey Badgers 1 2:50 am final
Chinstraps Da-Penns 2 Cluster Pucks 7 4:20 am final
Royal Deke and Destory Team Purple 1:20 pm data pending
Royal The Odd Bloods Good Times Gang 1:30 pm data pending
Royal Malones Human Production 2:40 pm data pending
King Cains Pgh Blueliners 4:00 pm data pending
King Blue Cloud Pro Tech 5:20 pm data pending
Emperor Team Labatt Paolicelli and Associates 5:30 pm data pending
Chinstraps Lumber Jacks Reed Smith 9:10 pm data pending
Emperor Johnstown Construction 3 Maximum Edge 2 9:36 pm final SO
Royal Rink Rats Lumberkings 10:30 pm data pending
Sat, Feb 25
King Cains 2 Zone Hockey 5 8:18 am final
Royal Human Production Good Times Gang 9:20 am data pending
Emperor Maximum Edge 3 Paolicelli and Associates 2 9:25 am final
King Blue Cloud Pgh Blueliners 10:40 am data pending
Royal The Odd Bloods 3 Malones 2 10:42 am final
Royal Team Purple Rink Rats 12:00 pm data pending
Royal Lumberkings 4 Deke and Destory 1 12:05 pm final
King Pro Tech 5 Hosers 6 1:17 pm final OT
Emperor Team Labatt Johnstown Construction 1:20 pm data pending
Chinstraps Reed Smith Night Hawks 2:40 pm data pending
Chinstraps Cluster Pucks 0 D5 8 2:45 pm final
Chinstraps Honey Badgers 5 Da-Penns 6 3:50 pm final
Chinstraps Suds-N-Sticks Lumber Jacks 4:00 pm data pending
Royal Good Times Gang Malones 5:20 pm data pending
Royal Rink Rats Deke and Destory 6:40 pm data pending
King Zone Hockey 3 Blue Cloud 2 6:54 pm final
Royal Lumberkings Team Purple 8:00 pm data pending
King Pgh Blueliners 7 Hosers 4 8:09 pm final
Emperor Maximum Edge Team Labatt 9:20 pm data pending
Emperor Paolicelli and Associates 10 Johnstown Construction 0 9:21 pm final
Sun, Feb 26
Chinstraps Honey Badgers 1 Cluster Pucks 12 7:33 am final
Chinstraps Night Hawks Lumber Jacks 7:40 am data pending
Chinstraps Suds-N-Sticks 9 Reed Smith 6 8:24 am final
Chinstraps D5 Da-Penns 9:00 am data pending
King Pro Tech Cains 10:20 am data pending

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