Hockey / Horseheads Move out of Mike Lansing Field

Horseheads Move out of Mike Lansing Field

Date:  Source: Casper Horseheads


Contact: Chuck Heeman, owner; 307-233-4400 (office)

CASPER, WY – The Casper Horseheads announced today that the team is temporarily removing all team equipment and supplies from Mike Lansing Field after legal action was brought by the Casper American Legion Baseball organization. After the Horseheads were forced to cancel the 2020 season due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Legion program has decided to evict the Horseheads from the ballpark effective June 23, 2020.

Over the past two years the Horseheads have paid more than $135,000 to support the Legion program for the right to play at Mike Lansing Field. In addition, the Horseheads paid the Legion program $7,500 in April of this year, after the CLOVID-19 pandemic hit the United States but with hope that the Horseheads could play this summer. With no season and no income for the Horseheads, the Legion has decided to force the team to vacate the ballpark while keeping the $7,500 paid in April.

Despite the temporary moving of team equipment, the Horseheads remain committed to Casper and intend to pursue talks in the fall with the City of Casper regarding the team’s desire to continue use of Mike Lansing Field. The Horseheads previously held a sub-lease under the Legion program’s master lease with the City of Casper, leading to the payments of more than $135,000.

The Horseheads lease with the Legion program, as well as the Legion program’s lease with the City of Casper, expire at the end of the 2020 calendar year. However, per a June 16 letter from Legion attorney Ryan Ford, the eviction action terminates the Horseheads agreements with the Legion program immediately.

“Our commitment to Casper and Wyoming has never wavered since the day we announced the team’s arrival, despite the hardships these payments to the Legion brought us,” said team owners Mayra and Chuck Heeman. “During the past two years, the massive payments we have made to support the Legion program have held us back from maximizing what we envision the Horseheads to be.

“We have, however, paid every single penny we agreed to pay, until we were forced to cancel our season due to forces out of our control. We’ve held on to the hope that we could work with the Legion after both our leases expired at the end of this year. With this action by the Legion, we’ve unfortunately confirmed that our partnership with Legion remains what it has always been, a one-way street.”

The Horseheads downtown offices in the Wolcott Galleria remain open year-round, and the Heemans, as well as their children and grandchildren, remain Casper residents. Gyzell Ybarra and Jerome Acosta will remain in place as the team’s General Managers. The Horseheads will continue with plans for the 2021 season, including the Expedition League All-Star Spectacular, presented by Hydrotex, scheduled for July 19-20, 2021.

“We are a small, family-owned and operated business in our town and always will be – losing the season hurt us beyond words, far more than the financial devastation,” the Heemans said. “The Horseheads will seek to negotiate a new, more mutually beneficial lease with the goal of turning Mike Lansing Field into the sports and tourist destination we all want it to be. We are confident that we will be moving our equipment back to Mike Lansing Field soon.” 

In addition, the Horseheads are proud to announce an additional sports venture, the teams’ Hoop it Up 3-on-3 basketball operation.

“We are proud to associate with Hoop it Up, a great brand name in 3-on-3 basketball,” the team said. “The Olympics are adding 3-on-3 as a sanctioned sport and we see this as a way to bring something unique to the youth and adult sports landscape in Casper. This is a great way for high school and college age players to get in game shape before their seasons as well as for kids and adults to have fun with their friends. Hoop it Up is a tremendous national brand with a successful history of competition and fun. We are working with Natrona County Schools and the City of Casper Parks & Recreation Department on sites and dates and will be presenting those details in August.”

Operating under the Horsehead Sports banner, Hoop it Up Casper will offer adult, kids and women’s 3-on-3 basketball leagues and tournaments beginning in late September. A two-day kickoff tournament is planned in September with full festivities including a dunk contest, three-point shooting competition and more. Social media links for Horsehead Sports are: Twitter, @HorseheadSports; Instagram, horseheadsports; Facebook, Horsehead Sports. The Horsehead Sports website is being built. 

Please contact the Horseheads at 233-4400 or with any questions about the recent Legion action, the Horseheads or the Hoop it Up program. All Horseheads personnel – owners Mayra and Chuck Heeman as well as General Managers Gyzell Ybarra and Jerome Acosta, are available for interviews.    

For more information on the Expedition League, go to Information about the Horseheads can be found at, on Facebook at Casper Horseheads Baseball Club and on Twitter at @CASHorseheads.


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