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To My Havoc Family

Date:  Source: SPHL: Huntsville Havoc

To My Havoc Family,

I have decided that it is time to move forward and hang up my skates. This was an incredibly tough decision for me as it took me the entire summer to come to this decision. I have taken the weekend to try and let it sink in a bit, but it is still pretty emotional. It will definitely take a long time.

I could not move forward without sending a message to all of you expressing my deepest gratitude for everything these past three years. Coming out of college I was not sure what my next step with hockey was going to be, but little did I know that I would end up in Huntsville.

The past three years have been some of the best years of my playing career and this is due to everyone in this organization, from my teammates, coaching staff and of course, our fans. You guys are what made playing in the VBC so special. There was never a quiet time during the game. Some moments it felt like I couldn't even hear thing. Thank you for bringing such passion and excitement to the best sport in the world down south. 

Being chosen as an assistant captain to then be named the captain of the havoc and represent this organization in the SPHL was an honor. I hope that I represented the Havoc in every way that you expected a player and captain to do so.

Winning back to back championships wasn't only because of the players that we had on the ice but because of all of you. Everyone was a huge part of our success no doubt and I thank you dearly for allowing me to be a part of it.

As the season moves forward, knowing that I will not be there to contend for a three-peat will be extremely tough. I will be following along every moment of the way. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything that you all have done for me and I will miss everyone very much.

Huntsville will always have the biggest piece of my heart for the rest of my life. As I said before, it has truly been an honor and I will see you in November for a SECOND banner raising.


Cheech Powers #58