Date:  Source: ACHA

USA Hockey held its Annual Congress in Colorado Springs June 5-9. Here are some highlights and important information from various meetings.

• The ACHA continues to be the national governing body of non-NCAA college hockey. No other college hockey associations are registered with USA Hockey as affiliates. The ACHA and its members receive significant benefits and assistance from USA Hockey including the development of a new registration system that will ensure compliance with the new Federal law that affects ALL amateur athletic programs and covers background checks and Safe Sport.

• Under the new registration system, rosters will be limited to 30 players and 4 coaches. This has been in effect for some time but will now be strictly enforced. Managers, trainers and administrators will register for free through the public volunteer registration portal at USAH. Anyone registering with your team that is not a player through either the ACHA registration system or the volunteer portal will be required to have a background check and Safe Sport Training. Players not registered with your team may not practice or participate with the team. If they do, your insurance may not cover any incident.

• Part 2 Article 1 section 5 b of our By-Laws reads: “For insurance coverage purposes, all local ACHA leagues seeking affiliation must complete the Affiliation form and submit it to the corresponding Commissioners by August 1st of each year. The Affiliation form to be distributed for discussion. The Affiliation grants local league officers and officials ACHA insurance and D&O coverage benefits. [2006, 2012]” We are currently updating the Affiliate form and all leagues and conferences will be required to complete and submit this form. This form will ensure that your league or conference is officially affiliated with the ACHA to make sure the insurance benefits will inure to your league or conference.

• Thank you to Al Murdoch for his long time involvement as a liaison with USAH and his continued input and guidance as an ACHA Hall of Famer.