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The Daily Program.. Why? The Fan experience.

Date:  Source: Hannibal Baseball

Hannibal, MO - The Hannibal Hoots are introducing their Daily Program in 2018. The Daily Program is part of an organizational goal to improve fan experience at Clemens Field. 

"When we took over in September, we were tasked with identifying both the success and failures of the previous group. We know that throughout Minor League Baseball, Independent Baseball and collegiate leagues across the country there are teams that aren't winning and still selling out their home games. How? And if its repeatable, let's figure that out and make it happen at Clemens." Said Matt Stembridge the General Manager for the Hannibal Hoots. 

"We heard all about the lack of success in Hannibal as it relates to winning. Is winning important? Absolutely. But it has to be more than that." Creating a winning culture will be on the top of Stembridge's list of tasks in 2018. Right near the top will be how the organization plans to create the type of fan experience that warrants a second, third and fourth trip for families to Clemens Field in 2018. 

"We are very excited for what we have planned in 2018. The Daily Program is a big deal.. The Live Stream, the Micro Fantasy App, our Black Out Nights. Each of these concepts go a long way in creating the type of fun we envision families having at the park during the summer months." 

The Daily Program is new in 2018. Inside fans will find information about the organization, the Prospect League, events planned during the season and brief editorials on baseball and its impact on the region. Most importantly, inside each of the Daily Programs are Lucky Numbers corresponding to near $500.00 in prizes to be given away each night at Clemens Field. Businesses across the region have ponied up prizes to be given away during the change of an inning. The organization plans to giveaway one prize per half inning starting in the bottom of the 1st inning. Each night one lucky fan will win the $100 Giveaway Prize in the bottom of the 6th inning. "We have had tremendous interest from our partners in the $100 Package Giveaway, I think fans will be very excited to have an opportunity to win that prize each night" continued Stembridge. 

The Daily Program will be sold for $1.00 each night at Clemens near the entrance gate. Fans are permitted to buy up to (10) Daily Programs each game. Season Ticket holders will be provided (1) Daily Program for each of their Anytime Tickets used that evening at no cost. The Daily Program is good for that night only, as the following night new lucky numbers will be assigned. Fans are encouraged to purchase a Daily Program at each of the Hannibal Hoots home games in 2018. 

The goal is to create excitement in the stands during the inning change. This borrowed practice has been extremely successful across the league and something the new management team believes will bring fans out in 2018. For more information on Season Tickets CLICK HERE