Baseball / CRCBL to play in the Sunbelt Classic

CRCBL to play in the Sunbelt Classic

Date:  Source: Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League

On July 15-16, in Kannapolis, N.C., several of the premier summer collegiate baseball leagues will be getting together for the Southern Collegiate Showcase. The leagues participating include the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League, the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, Valley Baseball League, Sunbelt League, and Florida Collegiate Summer League.

This Showcase is considered to be a special All-Star event of sorts, but is also a great opportunity for the leagues, as well as the players within the leagues, to showcase their talents to fans and MLB scouts. CRCBL commissioner, Jason Woodward, went on to show his support towards this event as he explains,  “This will be a great opportunity for our players and league to showcase our talent to the MLB scouts in the southern region, and to see the great competition that other leagues in NASCB have to offer.”

The CRCBL has chosen to bring around 22 players for this event, and also selected Sal Colangelo of the Bethesda Big Train, to be the manager for this team.

The Southern Collegiate Showcase is set up in a tournament format, and the CRCBL will have its opening game against the Sunbelt League on July 15th at 4 PM and will play another 1 to 2 games over the next couple of days.


written by:

Kai Ruskin CRCBL Intern