Basketball / U14 ROCKETS M.V.P. 2016-17

U14 ROCKETS M.V.P. 2016-17

Date:  Source: Prescott Russell Basketball Club

Matt had a great cast of teammates with LOGAN ANDERSON - Top Playmaker, DOMINIC GOTT - Top Defensive Player and DYLAN CLUNE doubling up with Most Improved Player and Sportsmanship!

Other key players on the team included brothers LUC & SAM CANTIN, KAI DANIELL, YANNICK DEMERS, TEAGAN WILLIAMS, EVAN LEARN AND KALLUM BIRCH - all contributing in significant ways!

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER - The Player that showed the most improvement either this year or from the previous years.

PLAY MAKER - The Player that looked to make his teammates better by passing or looking to run the offense first, rather than looking to score for themselves.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Works hard to make sure their role on defense comes first, works hard at stopping the other team, protecting the basket and rebounding.

Sportsmanship - The Player that made the team and the game fun for everyone.  Someone who didn't let the game get him down and helped their teammates stay positive.

BRING ON 2017-18.