Baseball / From the Army to Altamonte

From the Army to Altamonte

Date:  Source: Florida Collegiate Summer League

By Lana Kaczmarek

While talking with his new teammates in the dugout, he expressed his thrill of the beginning of the summer season with a smile spread across his face.


Mathew Oset, a right-handed pitcher for the Altamonte Springs Scorpions, shared his relationship with baseball.


Oset has been playing baseball since he was about 4 years old in little league.


Even as a child, Oset dreamed of being a professional baseball player.


“That’s all I’ve ever wanted,” Oset said. “All I’ve ever had a passion for is baseball and being on the field.”


Growing up, Oset played at Ocoee High School. His love for the game allowed him to commit to the University of North Florida as a junior in high school.


“When I was in high school, Coach [Matt] Gerber, one of the Scorpions assistant coaches this year, was my coach when I was on the Scorpions’ summer-league team,” Oset said.  


Oset was about to go to UNF to take summer classes after he graduated high school but decided he needed a change of pace; so, he joined the military.


Prior to joining the Florida League in 2015, Oset served in the army in Afghanistan.


“While I was in the army, all I did that would be considered ‘playing’ baseball was throwing rocks,” Oset said.


Oset had not touched a ball in four years while he was away but learned “he preferred baseball over the army.”


As soon as Oset returned home, he called an old coach of his and was in contact with a college. From there, Oset found his way onto a Florida League team to continue to pursue baseball.


Oset joined the Winter Park Diamond Dawgs in 2015. He loved the respect and care the Florida League showed him when he returned.


“The Florida League took great care of me when I arrived,” Oset said. “It was nice after returning from the army.”

After playing for the Florida League back in 2015, Oset has returned for the 2017 season.

“I really like the atmosphere and the idea of being close with my family before I leave for two years,” said Oset.

After this summer, Oset leaves for the University of New Orleans to “further [his] education on and off the field.”