Baseball / Fall Tryouts & August Spring Training

Fall Tryouts & August Spring Training

Date:  Source: Headfirst Baseball Academy


2017 August Details


HF signs new five year lease!

Since 2003, Headfirst Baseball had charged $300 per month to play on our teams for the Lower Division. Only two years ago, we finally went to $350 per month to catch up with inflation.

Last month our lease expired at our current building and the owner presented us with a new lease that had such a dramatic increase in rent, it had us searching for a new location. We were able to negotiate a little to avoid moving and just signed a new five year lease.

It is still a very significant increase in rent and the only way to make it work is to increase our monthly fee by $25.  We are working to hard to make sure players and families understand the value of Headfirst Baseball and we see the Indoor Academy as a vital part of the overall development and experience. 


    During the Fall Tryouts, we evaluated 320 players and selected approximately 250!  We are thrilled to get started on the 2017/18 season by getting to see players in the HF August Spring Training detailed below.  This will allow us to narrow the rosters and for players to be "Tourney Players" or "Transitional Players."  Those in Transitional (or "training" roles) will not be selected for all tourneys but will develop through training and play as needed and when mutually available.  

1 - August "Spring Training" mimics the way teams are selected at the MLB level.   

2 - During the month of August, players will be given instruction by HF staff with respect to the specific organizational base running, defensive footwork, throwing routine, in between inning routine, pitching approach, offensive approach and much more!  

3 - Players will be evaluated over the month and receive their team designations for tourney play, which starts in September (or else in a transitional role)!

4 - The August schedule includes a weekly indoor workout (with players divided by age level and split by last name when there is high volume) and also a weekly outdoor workout on Sundays.  It is ABSOLUTELY understood that players WILL miss or need to attend a different workout from time to time and we just ask for communication about this so we are very organized.  Look below for the schedule...

5 - Weekend Workouts @ Fallon Field (Times TBA based on final number of players)

    Sunday, August 6 - Batting Practice - Bunting Routine - Throwing Routine - Baserunning Station

    Sunday, August 13 - Defensive Clinics - INF/OF Reps and Rotations

    Sunday, August 20 - Showcase Style Live Games (players broken into random teams)

    ** Saturday, August 26 - Showcase Style Live Games (players broken into specific teams according to probable rosters going forward)

    ** Sunday, August 27 - New Team Meetings @ HF Academy


Weekday Workouts @ HF Academy (Practices are structured by age and then last name)

                            Tuesday                            Wednesday                     Thursday

5:30pm                                                           13U (A-D)                        10/11U (A-L)

6:30pm            12U (A-L)                               13U (E-M)                        10/11U (M-Z)

7:30pm            12U (M-Z)                              13U (N-Z)                         14U (G-M)

8:30pm            15U (A-Z)                               14U (A-F)                         14U (N-Z)


Weekend Workouts @ Fallon Fields in Dublin

August 26 Fallon Fields  
Field 1    
9:00am-11:00am  14U Bercovich (Barakat)        15U  (Chase/Harris)   
11:00am-1:00pm 14U Blackhawks (Harris) 14U Knights (Kiriaze)
1:00pm-3:00pm 13U Bercovich (Iglesias) 13U Bercovich (Iglesias)
3:00pm-5:00pm 14U T Sox (Hoaves) 14U Gamers ( Kiriaze)
Field 2    
11:00am-1:00pm 12U T Sox (Dronkers) 12U Knights  (Quizon)
1:00pm-3:00pm 13U Blackhawks (Sandoval) 13U Gamers (Amato) 
3:00pm-5:00pm 13U T Sox (Sandoval) 13U Knights  (Amato)
LL Field    
9:00am-11:00am 10U Gamers (Digirolamo) 11U T Sox (Digirolamo)
11:00am-1:00pm 12U Bercovich (Morales) 12U Gamers (Morales)
1:00pm-3:00pm 11U Bercovich (Iglesias) 11U Gamers (Dronkers)
August 27 HF Academy  
9:00 AM 10 & 11U Team Meetings  
10:30 AM 12U Team Meetings  
12:00 PM 13U Team Meetings  
1:30 PM 14U Team Meetings  
       3PM               15U Team Meetings

    Headfirst Baseball, a pioneer in the Northern CA travel ball movement, began tournament play in 2001.  Headfirst has evolved into the industry leader in player development. The proven HF system is structured with a "Style of play" that is respected at all levels in the baseball world.

    Brothers Michael and Mario Iglesias, both with very enriched baseball backgrounds, have worked with thousands of players over the years and they both lead the HF organization. The Iglesias brothers played at all levels of the game and worked in many areas, including playing at Stanford, playing professionally (15 years combined with Dodgers, White Sox, Brewers, Cubs, Orioles, Braves and in Asia),coaching in high school, coaching at Stanford, working as a professional baseball agent, scouting professionally, and more! 

    Headfirst grooms players from a young age to prepare for each step of the baseball journey and has sent over 350 players to college/pro baseball from the HF Academy.  Each manager is trained in the Headfirst curriculum for his division and each age level follows an organizational program relative to that age group.


STEP 1 - ATTEND A WEEKLY TRYOUT OR ATTEND A JUNE/JULY TRYOUT - Tryouts are held WEEKLY (by appointment) year round and formally in June and July.  Players are evaluated by 2-4 staff members at each formal tryout.

STEP 2 - RECEIVE AN INVITATION WITHIN A WEEK - Players are then invited to join the Headfirst organization

STEP 3 - UNIFORM/AUGUST PAYMENT - This step is to assure both sides of the commitment to play HF and includes a cap, shorts, top and more.

STEP 4 - "SPRING TRAINING" - The month of August is used for training and in depth evaluations before tourney play.  Players will learn the Headfirst "approach" and "style of play" that separates the organization from all others. Players are evaluated each week in Spring Training workouts and teams begin to be formed at each age level by the end of the month.  At this point players will be designated to their new team's roster or in a "transitional" role on a team. 

STEP 5 - TOURNAMENT PLAY - The teams start tournament play in September, practicing once inside the HF Academy and once outdoors per week and playing two tourneys per month. 

The tryout fee is $20 per tryout. (Players only have to attend one tryout but may attend multiple tryouts)