Baseball / Rest in Peace: ex-Angel Arno Baars

Rest in Peace: ex-Angel Arno Baars

Date:  Source: Atlanta Area MSBL

Arno Baars had played in the Atlanta MSBL for over 14 years. He passed peacefully in his sleep at age 52,  early in the morning on Friday, September 16, 2016. As some you know, he has been in a battle with cancer since he was 17. This last bout began just over a year ago. He was on the field playing on Father’s day last season. The last time many of us saw Arno was at the playoff game against the +45 Rays. He didn’t look his normal encouraging, 3rd base coaching, self. It was just like Arno to put his pain aside to have his family bring him in a wheel chair to the game. It was go good to see him around the field again. He said that he came to inspire us, but he was really coming to say good bye. Good bye to the game, the field and the teammates that he loved so much.   Arno and his wife, Carolyn run a non-–profit for neglected horses and other animals called “The Sanctuary”. If any of you are interested in honoring Arno, please visit their website where you can donate to the 501c3, tax deductible, charity online. The website is You can also send a check made payable to Fleur-de-lis Farm to 1459 Highway 54, Moreland, Georgia 30259. Please follow Fleur-de-lis Farm on Facebook.

Here is a video tribute created by a former teammate: