Baseball / Fall Practice/Tournament Schedules

Fall Practice/Tournament Schedules

Date:  Source: Headfirst Baseball Academy

1 - The Fall Tourney Schedule will be coming soon, with tourneys starting in the later half of September.  Also stay tuned for uniform information.

2 - "TC" (Team Coordinator) - If you are interested in being a Team Coordinator and did not sign up already at the meeting, please contact the "ETC" (Executive Team Coordinator) to express your interest.  TCs help with team related concepts like gathering attendance for coaches the week of a tourney, helping with donations from the team for a team basket for the BBF fundraising banquet, etc.  Monika Caltagirone (ETC) can be reached at:

3 - The Fall Practice Schedule is below (Academy address is 7075 Commerce Circle in Pleasanton).  Players may sometimes attend a different practice if there are strong conflicts.

4 - Private Lessons - Please use the schedule below to choose an ideal day and time for a weekly private lesson.  You are encouraged to act quickly to get your desired day/time.  Contact Mario Iglesias for all lessons scheduling as he will create a master list with all coaches who are giving lessons.  Also email any lessons questions to him so he can advise with respect to what you are looking for (certain skill or position, certain instructor, etc)





  Monday Outdoors  
DSG Field 2    
5:00-6:45 12U Knights/12U T Sox Quizon/Dronkers
6:30-8:15 11U Bercovich/11U Gamers Iglesias/Dronkers
LL Field 2    
5:00-6:45 12U Bercovich/12U Gamers Morales
5:45-7:30 10U Gamers/11U T-Sox Digirolamo/Digirolamo
Field 1    
5:00-6:45 13U Bercovich/13U Bercovich Iglesias
6:15-8:00 13U Knights/13U Gamers Amato
7:30-9:15 14U Bercovich/14U Bercovich Barakat
Field 2    
5:00-6:45 14U Gamers/14U Knights Kiriaze
6:15-8:00 13U Blackhawks/13U T Sox Sandoval
7:30-9:15 14U Blackhawks/14U T Sox Harris/Siguenza
  Monday @ HF Academy  
6:00-7:00 18U Gamers & Bercovich Bungarz
8:00-9:00 16U Gamers & Bercovich Bischofberger
  Tuesday @ HF Academy  
5:30-6:30 13U Bercovich/13U Bercovich Iglesias
6:30-7:30 15U & 16U Berc 24 Athan
7:30-8:30 18U Berc 24 & 18U Blackhawks Athan/Harris
8:30-9:30 14/15U Blackhawks/14U T Sox Harris/Siguenza
  Wednesday @ HF Academy  
5:30-6:30 13U Blackhawks/13U T Sox Sandoval
6:30-7:30 10U Gamers/11U T-Sox Digirolamo/Digirolamo
7:30-8:30 12U Bercovich/12U Gamers Morales
8:30-9:30 14U Bercovich/14U Bercovich Barakat
  Thursday @ HF Academy  
5:30-6:30 13U Knights/13U Gamers Amato
6:30-7:30 11U Bercovich/11U Gamers Iglesias/Dronkers
7:30-8:30 12U Knights/12U T Sox Quizon/Dronkers
8:30-9:30 14U Gamers/14U Knights Kiriaze