Baseball / LD Practice Schedule and Tournament Schedule

LD Practice Schedule and Tournament Schedule

Date:  Source: Headfirst Baseball Academy

The Lower Division SUMMER PRACTICE SCHEDULES are below for both

Fallon Field and the HF Academy (7075 Commerce Circle in Pleasanton).  

4:30-6pm 10U Bercovich (Iglesias)
5:30-7:30 12U Bercovich Teams (Morales)
7:30-9:30 13U & 14U Bercovich (Barakat)
4:30-6:30 11U & 12U Gamers (Walsh/Amato)
5:30-7:30 13U Blackhawks & Bercovich (Iglesias)
7:30-9:30 13U Gamers & 14U Bercovich (Digirolamo/Chase)
6pm 13U Bercovich & Blackhawks (Iglesias)
7pm 12U Bercovich (Morales)
8pm 13U & 14U Bercovich (Barakat)
5pm 10U Bercovich (Iglesias)
6pm 11U & 12U Gamers (Walsh/Amato)
7pm 13U Gamers & 14U Bercovich (Digirolamo/Chase)

* All tourney dates below subject to possible changes


JUNE 3/4 10/11 17/18 24/25
10U Bercovich TPR- BLD Reno- TPR    
11U Gamers     NCTB- Tracy TPR- Martinez
12U Gamers NCTB- L4     TPR- Martinez
12U Bercovich   Reno- TPR NCTB-Pal  
12U Bercovich Gold   Reno- TPR   NCTB- Brentwood
12U Bercovich 22   Reno- TPR   NCTB- Brentwood
13U Bercovich TPR- Central Valley Reno- TPR    
13U Bercovich 35 TPR- Central Valley (14U) Reno- TPR (14U)    
13U Blackhawks TPR- Central Valley Reno- TPR    
13U Gamers TPR- Central Valley     TPR- Central Valley
14U Bercovich 16   NCTB- PAL   NCTB- Brentwood
14U Bercovich Gold NCTB- (16U)   Reno Nationals  
JULY 1/2 8/9 15/16 22/23
10U Bercovich TPR- Brentwood TPR- Mistlin    
11U Gamers TPR- Brentwood   NCTB- TC  
12U Gamers   Tahoe- TPR   TPR- Tracy
12U Bercovich     NCTB- TC NCTB- TC
12U Bercovich Gold Cooperstown   NCTB- TC NCTB- BLD
12U Bercovich 22 Cooperstown     NCTB- BLD
13U Bercovich TPR- Mistlin   NCTB- TC  
13U Bercovich 35 TPR- Mistlin (14U) NCTB- (13)    
13U Blackhawks TPR- Mistlin   NCTB- TC  
13U Gamers   Tahoe- TPR   Mistlin- TPR
14U Bercovich 16 Mistlin     NCTB- TC
14U Bercovich Gold TPR- Mistlin (16U)   NCTB- TC (16U)