Date:  Source: Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation


Below is a schedule showing the currently planned dates, times and locations of the 2019 season’s team meetings.

Note that MABF is a “guest” at the hotel and, accordingly, our reservations may be changed or cancelled at any time if necessary to accommodate other functions.  If any such changes occur, MABF will notify teams by (1) posting an explanatory website Announcement, and (2) e-mailing every affected team at the address(es) provided in the team's Admission Application.

However, MABF experience suggests that:

        about 2% of the e-mail addresses provided in the applications are incorrect or inactive, and

        about 15% of team e-contacts do not regularly monitor their e-mail accounts.

Accordingly, Failure to monitor e-mail accounts can be addressed only by improved e-contact self discipline or by managers’ daily monitoring of website Announcements.

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New Managers’ Orientation Meeting & General Membership Meeting 

            February 6                                7:00pm                Sterling Inn / Wyndham Garden              

The purpose of this meeting is to provide new managers (or managers returning after an absence of one or more seasons) with a basic understanding of the program’s current features, rules, practices and procedures and to address any of the managers’ questions or concerns.  Invitations are extended by MABF Rules, and attendance is mandatory for these managers.  Other managers or coaches, whose attendance is not required by rule, are also welcome to attend.  The meeting will conclude with the General membership meeting, the purpose of this meeting is to distribute and review the MABF Rules & Practices for the season, review content and use of the MABF website and discuss any program matters of interest to the membership.  Invitations are extended by MABF Rules, and will be posted on the MABF website, to all prior season managers.  The meeting typically lasts about two to three hours.


Seasonal Scheduling Meeting 

The purpose of these meetings is to negotiate individual team schedules for the upcoming season.  Invitations are extended by Rules to all managers who have submitted team admission applications and have paid the required fees and deposits.  These meetings are absolutely mandatory, and failure to attend will result in exclusion of the team from current season competition and performance deposit and league fee forfeiture.  The meetings will typically last two to three hours. 


Sign in time for these meetings will begin at 6:30pm and

the actual meeting will begin at 7:00pm.


8U, 9U, 10U & 11U Scheduling Meeting

            March 18                              7:00pm                      Sterling Inn / Wyndham Garden              

12U & 13U Scheduling Meeting

            March 19                              7:00pm                      Sterling Inn / Wyndham Garden              

14U, 15U, 16U & 18U Scheduling Meeting

           March 27                              7:00pm                      Sterling Inn / Wyndham Garden              

The Sterling Inn is located at 34911 Van Dyke Avenue,  Sterling Heights, MI 48312. It is on the southwest corner just south of 15 Mile Road. You may contact them at 586-979-1400