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Windy City ThunderBolts - Transactions


03/18/13 Brauer, Andrew acquired in trade from Joliet Slammers for a Player To Be Named Later
07/30/12 Kesler, Willy signed
07/30/12 Bachman, Greg released
07/27/12 Cuneo, Ryan signed
07/25/12 Costello, Matt traded to River City Rascals
07/25/12 Montalbano, Paul signed
07/23/12 Burke, Bryan released
07/21/12 Bachman, Greg signed
07/21/12 McManus, T.J. released
06/29/12 Chilcoat, Andrew signed
06/27/12 Gillman, C.J. signed
06/26/12 Shreve, Travis released
06/26/12 Jahns, Michael released
06/24/12 Chriscaden, Andy placed on inactive list
06/24/12 Dykeman, Duke activated
06/21/12 Carr, Ryan released
06/21/12 Drake, Donovan sold to Atlanta Braves
06/16/12 Meyerchick, Eric sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/16/12 Alter, Bruce released
06/16/12 Nowlin, Billy released
06/13/12 Davis, Rye released
06/13/12 Meyerchick, Eric signed
06/12/12 Grosso, Matt released
06/12/12 Chriscaden, Andy signed
06/07/12 Mobbs, Mike released
05/31/12 Dykeman, Duke placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/30/12 West, Jareck acquired in trade from River City Rascals
05/29/12 Szeligo, Ricky released
05/25/12 Bisnette, Chad released
05/24/12 Jernstad, Matt placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)