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Victoria HarbourCats - Transactions


07/31/17 Rempel, Tanner released
07/27/17 Stubbins, Kyle released
07/24/17 Tagget, Jack released
07/24/17 Steigerwald, Liam released
07/24/17 Mullins, Isaac released
07/24/17 Garella, Jake released
07/24/17 Bonner, Bryce released
07/24/17 Wendzel, Davis released
07/24/17 Moroney, Nick released
07/12/17 Bellafronto, Nick released
07/08/17 Boyd, Luke released
07/08/17 Lopez, Ethan released
07/08/17 Block, AJ released
06/24/17 Rios, Kekai released
06/23/17 Casper, Greg released
06/20/17 Vaughn, Andrew released
06/20/17 LaRue, Will released
06/20/17 Fernander, Chavez released
06/18/17 Fox, Ethan activated
06/13/17 Hooper, Ryan released
06/13/17 McComb, Kyle released
06/13/17 Ashworth, Colin released
06/13/17 Howell, Brian released
06/12/17 Orton, Justin reinstated to active list
06/12/17 Wodiuk, Jett released
06/12/17 Abbott, Tyson released
06/06/17 Ricci, Ryan released