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Waynesboro Generals - Transactions


07/27/19 Kasiski, Andrew acquired in trade from Purcellville Cannons
07/27/19 Hrasky, Tucker activated
07/27/19 Strickland, Carter released
07/27/19 Casto, Daniel released
07/27/19 Proffitt, Christian released
07/27/19 Packert, Thomas activated
07/27/19 Hess, Ethan activated
07/25/19 Edwards, Christian released
07/23/19 Tricarico, Ray activated
07/23/19 Quiceno, Elijah released
07/16/19 Maberry, David activated
07/16/19 Klepzig, Carson activated
07/16/19 Garcia, Santiago released
07/16/19 Cannady, Seth released
07/13/19 Strickland, Carter activated
07/13/19 Holler, Matthew activated
07/13/19 Acosta, Joseph released
07/13/19 Mercer, Matthew released
07/10/19 Andrzejczyk, Ryan activated
07/10/19 Nix, Dylan released
06/30/19 Marzec, Jack activated
06/29/19 Sapp, Eric placed on disabled list
06/29/19 Peterson, Gunner activated
06/29/19 Blankenship, Zach released
06/26/19 Edwards, Christian activated
06/26/19 Tyson, Alex released
06/25/19 Dearman, Christian activated
06/25/19 Barrett, Stuart released
06/15/19 Norby, Connor activated
06/15/19 Worrell, Bryson activated
06/13/19 Dearman, Christian placed on disabled list
06/13/19 Neville, Nick released
06/08/19 Kirby, Zach activated
06/08/19 Acosta, Joseph activated
06/07/19 Jackson, Cole traded to Staunton Braves
06/07/19 Worley, Logan traded to Staunton Braves
06/06/19 Burckel, Brad activated
06/04/19 Shuck, Tyler activated
06/02/19 Mercer, Matthew activated
06/02/19 Murphy, Jack activated