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Purcellville Cannons - Transactions


07/27/19 Kasiski, Andrew traded to Waynesboro Generals
07/27/19 Short, Avery traded to Charlottesville TomSox
07/27/19 Gutierrez, Jose traded to Winchester Royals
07/27/19 Smith, Jeffery traded to Winchester Royals
07/26/19 Duncan, Greg traded to Strasburg Express
07/21/19 Trace, Austin released
07/20/19 Felix, Jhonny activated
07/18/19 Knowlton, Sam released
07/18/19 Barolet, Nathan released
07/15/19 Ager, Justin activated
07/15/19 Di Vietro, Nick released
07/13/19 Hernandez, Angel released
07/13/19 Hartley, Garrett released
07/11/19 Sanguinetti, Chase released
07/10/19 McGeorge, Aaron activated
07/09/19 Pontes, Blaze released
07/08/19 Trace, Austin activated
07/04/19 Holdredge, TJ activated
07/02/19 Hayes, Kyle placed on disabled list
06/26/19 Kawano, Ryan released
06/25/19 Borchers, Taylor released
06/24/19 Pico, Jarrett activated
06/24/19 Richardson, Walt activated
06/24/19 Madole, Nate released
06/21/19 Hartley, Garrett activated
06/21/19 Leek, Tyler released
06/21/19 Esposito, Tanner released
06/14/19 Hernandez, Angel activated
06/14/19 Reyes, Manny released
06/13/19 Riopelle, Bradley activated
06/13/19 Wallace, Christopher traded to Woodstock River Bandits Player To Be Named Later
06/12/19 Leek, Tyler activated
06/12/19 Lara, Hernhy released
06/11/19 Kawano, Ryan activated
06/11/19 Mattos, Jakob activated
06/10/19 Hyde, Morgan activated
06/10/19 Knowlton, Sam activated
06/09/19 Rodriguez, Richie released
06/08/19 Wyandt, Jacob released
06/07/19 Sanguinetti, Chase acquired in trade from Charlottesville TomSox
11/02/18 Short, Avery acquired in trade from Strasburg Express
08/30/18 Short, Avery traded to Strasburg Express