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Sioux City - Transactions


10/03/11 Schermerhorn, John released
09/28/11 Trahan, David acquired in trade from outside league Southern Maryland (Atl. Lge)
08/31/11 Trahan, David traded to outside league Southern Maryland (Atl. Lge)
08/31/11 Schumacher, Nick traded to outside league York (Atlantic League)
08/08/11 Howard , Cephas released
08/04/11 Wright, Kyle released
07/21/11 Gibbs, Matt released
07/19/11 Carreras, Luis released
06/30/11 Murphy, Mike released
06/29/11 Brito, Javier released
06/18/11 Wendte, Joe released
06/07/11 Leonard, John released
05/24/11 Bisnette, Chad released
05/21/11 Rossignol, Matthew released
04/27/11 Brown, Javier released
04/13/11 Sakamoto, Kent placed on inactive list
03/23/11 Hale, Darrick released
03/23/11 Ryder, Mikael released
03/23/11 Phelps, Mike released
02/18/11 Povich, Chad traded to Amarillo
02/18/11 Brito, Javier acquired in trade from Amarillo
02/11/11 Kramer, Matt sold to
02/09/11 Flores, Josh traded to outside league Joliet (Frontier League)
02/03/11 Arneson, Jamie released
02/03/11 Scott, Erik released
02/03/11 Bille, Mike released
12/20/10 Flores, Josh acquired in trade from outside league from Joliet (Northern League)
12/20/10 Cruz, Jacob released