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Sonoma Stompers - Transactions


08/15/18 Pacheco, Niko signed
08/15/18 Butcher, Bronson signed
08/15/18 Mora-Loera, Eddie placed on inactive list
08/15/18 Ho, Mitchell placed on inactive list
08/14/18 Maislin, Robert released
08/14/18 Henry, Tim signed
08/11/18 Espinosa, Juan reinstated to active list
08/11/18 Hartley, Brock signed
08/11/18 Harris, TyRelle released
08/10/18 Broderick, Joseph signed
08/10/18 Williams, Miles traded to outside league Long Island Ducks
08/03/18 Espinosa, Juan placed on inactive list
08/02/18 Phillips, Wesley released
08/02/18 Seever, Jason reinstated to active list
08/01/18 Cooper, Ryan acquired in trade from Napa Silverados
07/31/18 Phillips, Wesley reinstated to active list
07/29/18 Comstock, Daniel traded to outside league Southern Illinois Miners
07/26/18 Seever, Jason placed on inactive list
07/22/18 Erickson, Brandon released
07/22/18 Seever, Jason signed
07/20/18 Harris, TyRelle signed
07/20/18 Topoozian, Dominic traded to outside league Sioux City Explorers
07/14/18 Conroy, Patrick released
07/14/18 Sharp, Tyler signed
07/06/18 Thornhill, Casey released
07/05/18 Thornhill, Casey signed
07/01/18 Mathews, Kenny signed
06/30/18 Harris, TyRelle released
06/27/18 Watts, Cole signed
06/27/18 Kidd, Robbie released
06/23/18 Kidd, Robbie reinstated to active list
06/23/18 Wendorf, Zach released
06/19/18 Richardson, Ryan signed
06/19/18 Bodishbaugh, Daniel released
06/16/18 Bodishbaugh, Daniel reinstated to active list
06/15/18 Gold, Michael released
06/14/18 Gold, Michael signed
06/06/18 Harris, TyRelle signed
06/04/18 DeAngelis, Rob signed
06/04/18 Phillips, Wesley placed on inactive list
05/30/18 Phillips, Wesley signed
05/30/18 Mora-Loera, Eddie signed
05/30/18 Ho, Mitchell signed
05/30/18 Gibbons, Ethan signed
05/30/18 Farley, Kevin signed
05/30/18 Conroy, Patrick signed
05/30/18 Williams, Miles signed
05/30/18 Erickson, Brandon signed
05/30/18 Bradley, Marcus signed
05/30/18 Baptista, Daniel signed
05/30/18 Comstock, Daniel signed
05/30/18 Wendorf, Zach signed
05/30/18 Topoozian, Dominic signed
05/30/18 Sharabi, DJ signed
05/30/18 Espinosa, Juan signed
05/30/18 Cox, Jacob signed