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Gateway Grizzlies - Échanges


08/14/17 Richards, Kyle signed
08/14/17 Gillespie, Brent signed
08/14/17 Michener, Zac released
08/14/17 Osuna, Ramon released
08/11/17 Rodriguez, Ruger signed
08/10/17 Bauer, Trevor signed
08/10/17 Uhrich, Kyle released
08/09/17 Sweet, Austin signed
08/08/17 Sigman, Jackson sold to Kansas City Royals
08/07/17 Landsheft, Will traded to Windy City ThunderBolts for PTBNL
07/25/17 Reynoso, Javier suspended
07/14/17 Osuna, Ramon signed
07/04/17 Michener, Zac signed
07/01/17 Molesky, Vincent activated
07/01/17 Bartlett, Max sold to Kansas City Royals
07/01/17 Craig, Dylan released
06/26/17 Massoni, Craig traded to Southern Illinois Miners for PTBNL or 1st round pick
06/25/17 Holst, Dan signed
06/25/17 Lees, Brian signed
06/25/17 Sakurai, Brent signed
06/25/17 McKeithan, Joel signed
06/25/17 Schlichtig, Brandon released
06/25/17 Lavy, Zach released
06/25/17 Gendron, Chad released
06/20/17 Bartlett, Max signed
06/20/17 Caronia, Anthony Retired
06/18/17 Sigman, Jackson signed
06/18/17 Uhrich, Kyle signed
06/17/17 Molesky, Vincent placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/16/17 Texiera, Brandon sold to Milwaukee Brewers
06/15/17 Mattlage, Garrett suspended
06/13/17 Schlichtig, Brandon signed
06/13/17 Kisena, Alec signed
06/13/17 Texiera, Brandon activated
06/13/17 Woods, Garrett released
06/13/17 Iannotti, Lou released
06/13/17 Kimbell, BreShon released
06/13/17 Bunselmeyer, Josh released
06/13/17 Eggnatz, Adam released
06/08/17 Pusateri, Jon Retired
06/06/17 OMalley, Ryan waived
06/06/17 Simmons, Chase signed
06/04/17 Hranec, Jack signed
06/03/17 Gendron, Chad signed
06/03/17 Iannotti, Lou placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/02/17 Woods, Garrett placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/02/17 Guilianelli, Jake released
05/30/17 Woods, Garrett signed
05/30/17 Jefferis, Kevin released
05/24/17 OMalley, Ryan signed
05/23/17 Caronia, Anthony signed
05/23/17 Hearn, Matt signed
05/23/17 Fischer, Sam released
05/23/17 Kelly, Colin released
05/23/17 Dula, Chris released
05/21/17 Soto, Elvin released
05/11/17 Tewell, Tyler traded to outside league Rockland Boulders - Can-Am
05/09/17 Cable, Tanner signed
05/09/17 Gillespie, Brent released
05/07/17 Guilianelli, Jake placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
05/07/17 LeVert, Matt released
05/07/17 Baptist, Corey released
05/07/17 Krueger, Mark released
05/07/17 Cornell, Derek released
05/07/17 Beck, Cody released
05/07/17 Garza, Robert released
04/12/17 Pusateri, Jon suspended