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Gateway Grizzlies - Échanges


01/15/13 Cotilla, Rey acquired in trade from Joliet Slammers Yakubik, Wilder, Zawacki
08/09/12 Ives, Ben signed
08/09/12 Kennedy, Brett signed
08/03/12 Whieldon, Max released
07/31/12 Frias, Vladimir sold to Chicago of the National League
07/26/12 Enourato, Chris activated
07/26/12 Gonzalez, Jonathan released
07/15/12 Frias, Vladimir activated
07/15/12 Conway, Aaron released
07/12/12 Enourato, Chris placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/12/12 Gonzalez, Jonathan signed
07/11/12 Zawacki, Brett signed
07/09/12 Rehwinkel, Gil released
07/06/12 Arnold, Pat released
07/05/12 Whieldon, Max signed
07/02/12 Cudney, Jordan activated
07/02/12 Bankston, Maurice released
06/24/12 Guthrie, Alex signed
06/24/12 Noris, Rogelio signed
06/24/12 Allison, Casey released
06/24/12 Bankston, Maurice signed
06/23/12 Rigby, Case traded to outside league Abeline of the NABL
06/23/12 Noris, Rogelio acquired in trade from Lake Erie Crushers for Player to Be Named Later
06/23/12 Parmley, Kenton released
06/17/12 Conway, Aaron activated
06/14/12 Rehwinkel, Gil signed
06/14/12 Schwartz, Mike released
06/14/12 Gonzalez, Jonathan released
06/12/12 West, JaVaun signed
06/12/12 Frias, Vladimir placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/11/12 Hernandez, Landon activated
06/11/12 Johnson, Cale Retired
06/11/12 Mahoney, Sam released
06/08/12 Schwartz, Mike signed
06/05/12 Dunning, Justin signed
06/04/12 Allison, Casey signed
06/04/12 Moore, Kolby released
06/04/12 Conway, Aaron placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/04/12 Hernandez, Landon placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
05/30/12 Arnold, Pat activated
05/30/12 Robertson, Zach released
05/20/12 Conway, Aaron activated
05/20/12 Bankston, Maurice released