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Windy City ThunderBolts - Échanges


10/28/15 Tanis, Jacob Retired
10/28/15 Deitrich, Ryan released
10/28/15 DeBoo, Chris released
10/16/15 Clark, Tyler released
10/16/15 Jimenez, Danny released
10/16/15 Whittingslow, Pete released
10/16/15 Ferguson, James released
10/08/15 Gallagher, Austin traded to outside league
10/02/15 Wright, Austin sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
08/28/15 Muller, Brady signed
08/28/15 Wasserman, Zak placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
08/17/15 Nuernberg, Dyllon activated
08/17/15 Riley, Marquis released
08/06/15 Ezell, Jacob released
07/17/15 Keefer, Cody signed
07/12/15 Jones, James traded to outside league
07/10/15 Garcia, Jonathan placed on inactive list
07/01/15 Ferguson, James activated
06/17/15 Chittenden, Alex activated
06/16/15 Ferguson, James placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/15/15 Tufts, Ryan placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/05/15 Gallagher, Austin signed
06/05/15 Esquerra, Zach released
05/31/15 Whittingslow, Pete signed
05/30/15 Kafka, Jason released
05/25/15 Stoner, Zach released
05/25/15 Riley, Marquis signed
05/22/15 Garcia, Jonathan signed
05/22/15 Planas-Arteaga, Sheehan released
05/12/15 Vega, Ryan released
05/12/15 Delmotte, Austin released
05/12/15 Whittingslow, Pete released
05/10/15 Wellwerts, Andrew released
05/10/15 Martinez, Justin released
05/10/15 Rivera, Michael released
05/10/15 Hayes, Kyle released
05/06/15 Bradshaw, Drew released
05/06/15 Wuest, Brian released
05/02/15 Planas-Arteaga, Sheehan signed
04/29/15 Wright, Austin signed
04/29/15 Stoner, Zach signed
03/24/15 Delmotte, Austin signed
03/23/15 Vega, Ryan signed
03/18/15 Anderson, Eli released
03/17/15 Carey, Garrett placed on inactive list
03/17/15 McIntyre, Ryan placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
03/10/15 Wellwerts, Andrew signed
03/10/15 Lima, Joel signed
03/05/15 Nance, Tommy signed
03/02/15 Rivera, Michael signed
02/25/15 Ferguson, James activated
02/23/15 Jones, James signed
02/13/15 Giannini, Cameron signed
02/13/15 Bradshaw, Drew signed
02/10/15 Robinson, Kyle traded to outside league
02/10/15 Hayes, Kyle signed
02/06/15 Soares, Ryan traded to outside league
02/06/15 Johnson, Coco signed
02/06/15 LaLonde, Ransom acquired in trade from outside league
02/03/15 Jimenez, Danny signed
01/29/15 Deitrich, Ryan signed
01/27/15 Balkwill, Larry signed
01/27/15 Martinez, Justin signed
01/16/15 Viger, Tony placed on inactive list
01/16/15 Wuest, Brian signed
12/23/14 Oliver, Brian released
12/08/14 Clark, Tyler signed
12/08/14 Esquerra, Zach signed