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Windy City ThunderBolts - Échanges


10/18/13 Wickswat, Matt traded to outside league
10/02/13 Roberts, Jake sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
08/09/13 Jernstad, Matt traded to outside league
08/09/13 Jernstad, Matt activated
07/31/13 Snodgrass, Jessie activated
07/31/13 Zegarac, Kyle released
07/22/13 Pittman, Nathan placed on inactive list
07/19/13 Solbach, Markus signed
07/18/13 Harkensee, Jeff released
07/18/13 Cotilla, Rey released
07/17/13 Ray, Jayce signed
07/09/13 Davis, Adam placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/09/13 Gillman, C.J. released
07/09/13 Robinson, Kyle acquired in trade from Joliet Slammers for a player to be named later
07/06/13 Mee, Andy placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/05/13 McGraw, Reese signed
07/04/13 Templeton, Louie suspended
07/01/13 Strong, Travis placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/01/13 Oliver, Brian signed
06/29/13 Button, Evan signed
06/29/13 Snodgrass, Jessie placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/27/13 Clark, John released
06/27/13 Kuzma, Mark released
06/27/13 Roberts, Jake signed
06/21/13 Clark, John signed
06/21/13 OConnell, Colin signed
06/15/13 Cregar, Chad placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/15/13 Helm, Blake released
06/13/13 Pittman, Nathan signed
06/11/13 Recchia, Mike sold to Chicago White Sox
06/11/13 Cotilla, Rey acquired in trade from Gateway Grizzlies
06/04/13 Gillman, C.J. signed
06/04/13 Tomaszewski, Nathan released
05/31/13 Nuernberg, Dyllon acquired in trade from River City Rascals for 2014 2nd round draft pick
05/31/13 Renteria, Anthony released
05/31/13 Snodgrass, Jessie signed
05/31/13 DeLuca, Evan released
05/29/13 Hawkins, Rich released
05/29/13 Estill, Lyndon traded to outside league
05/27/13 Christensen, Jared released
05/26/13 Weller, Blayne sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
05/14/13 Robertson, Matt released
05/14/13 Kuzma, Mark released
05/13/13 Schmeltzer, Jadd traded to outside league
05/12/13 Bunting, Chad released
05/12/13 Dodds, Logan released
05/09/13 Mirabal, Matt released
05/09/13 Massey, Craig released
05/09/13 Mayberry, Gary released
05/09/13 Reyes, Roberto released
05/09/13 Diaz, Tyler traded to outside league
05/09/13 McFarlin, Kellon released
05/02/13 Templeton, Louie activated
05/02/13 DeLuca, Evan signed
05/02/13 McFarlin, Kellon signed
05/02/13 Davis, Adam signed
04/24/13 Diaz, Tyler signed
04/17/13 Robertson, Matt signed
04/02/13 Recchia, Mike signed
03/28/13 Williams, Dustin traded to outside league
03/28/13 Claburn, Tyler signed
03/28/13 Chilcoat, Andrew released
03/25/13 Renteria, Anthony signed
03/21/13 Decker, Brandon suspended
03/21/13 Bunting, Chad signed
03/18/13 Montalbano, Paul traded to outside league
03/11/13 Weaver, Travis released
03/04/13 Estill, Lyndon signed
02/28/13 Corley, Tyson Retired
02/26/13 Wickswat, Matt signed
02/25/13 Gillman, C.J. sold to Colorado Rockies
02/20/13 Zegarac, Shane placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
02/20/13 Sauer, Stephen suspended
02/20/13 Hawkins, Rich signed
02/15/13 Strong, Travis signed
02/04/13 Schmeltzer, Jadd signed
01/31/13 Mirabal, Matt signed
01/29/13 Soares, Ryan signed
01/21/13 Massey, Craig signed
01/18/13 Dykeman, Duke released
01/17/13 Dodds, Logan signed
01/17/13 Kesler, Willy Retired
01/17/13 Tomaszewski, Nathan signed
01/17/13 Joyce, Doug signed
01/11/13 Cuneo, Ryan Retired
01/07/13 Walding, Miles signed
01/07/13 Mayberry, Gary signed
01/07/13 Harkensee, Jeff signed
12/17/12 Recchia, Mike sold to Baltimore Orioles
12/11/12 Tingle, Travis signed
12/11/12 Reyes, Roberto signed
12/07/12 Wade, Chris sold to Baltimore Orioles
10/16/12 Christensen, Jared signed