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Traverse City Beach Bums - Échanges


08/16/11 Shults, Stephen signed
08/16/11 Smith, Matt released
08/03/11 Shaffer, Nolan released
07/05/11 Peterson, Nate Retired
07/04/11 Raraigh, Rick signed
07/04/11 Rodewald, Ben released
07/04/11 Kitchens, Wayde released
07/03/11 Baker, Jimmy Retired
07/03/11 Miller, Matt signed
07/02/11 Morrow, Bryce signed
07/02/11 Johnson, D.J. sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/29/11 Gusrang, Sean signed
06/29/11 Flagg, Jeff signed
06/29/11 Baker, Jimmy signed
06/29/11 Smith, Matt signed
06/29/11 Deminsky, David signed
06/29/11 Cinadr, Jeff signed
06/29/11 Pearl, Brandon released
06/29/11 Guerrero, James released
06/29/11 Codiroli, Jason released
06/29/11 Belter, Brooks released
06/28/11 Sharpley, Evan released
06/28/11 Shelton, Spencer released
06/28/11 Erwin, Drew released
06/18/11 Paulun, Andy released
06/13/11 Peterson, Nate signed
06/13/11 Kitchens, Wayde signed
06/13/11 Erwin, Drew signed
06/13/11 Taylor, Cole released
06/13/11 Gariano, Rob released
06/11/11 Reid, Scott signed
06/09/11 Rodewald, Ben signed
06/08/11 Brua, Philip released
06/08/11 Taylor, Cole signed
06/08/11 Mazur, Justin released
06/07/11 Shaffer, Nolan signed
06/07/11 Gebbers, Hawkins released
06/06/11 Thomas, Eric released
06/06/11 Smith, Chris released