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Vallejo Admirals - Transactions


08/25/19 Myles, Harold reinstated to active list
08/25/19 Garcia, Eli placed on inactive list
08/23/19 Jimenez, Wilkyns reinstated to active list
08/23/19 Gingras, Ricky placed on inactive list
08/21/19 Remington, Jesse reinstated to active list
08/21/19 Freese, Dakota traded to outside league Ottawa
08/15/19 Cooper, Ryan signed
08/15/19 Remington, Jesse placed on inactive list
08/13/19 Wilson, Jamal traded to outside league Florence Freedom
08/10/19 Freese, Dakota reinstated to active list
08/10/19 Rodriguez, Enrique placed on inactive list
08/08/19 Rodriguez, Enrique signed
08/04/19 Reyes, Peter signed
08/03/19 Dickson, OKoyea signed
08/02/19 Checo, Dariel placed on inactive list
08/02/19 Janisse, Skylar signed
08/01/19 Pugh, Tillman reinstated to active list
08/01/19 Remington, Jesse signed
07/29/19 Gardner, Daniel traded to outside league Gary Railcats
07/29/19 Cartier, Andrew traded to outside league Gary Railcats
07/26/19 Melendez, Mike signed
07/26/19 Janisse, Skylar released
07/25/19 Wilson, Jamal signed
07/25/19 Remington, Jesse released
07/20/19 Gardner, Daniel signed
07/20/19 Cartier, Andrew signed
07/20/19 Melendez, Mike released
07/20/19 Brill, Aaron released
07/18/19 Brill, Aaron reinstated to active list
07/17/19 Cascone, Cage released
07/14/19 Ehret, Jake placed on inactive list
07/14/19 Marshall, Montrell signed
07/11/19 Terrones, Matt signed
07/07/19 Fornaci, Chris reinstated to active list
07/02/19 Checo, Dariel reinstated to active list
07/01/19 Herr, Tyler traded to outside league Lincoln Saltdogs
07/01/19 Phillips, Brandon released
07/01/19 Marshall, Montrell released
07/01/19 Crouse, Nick released
07/01/19 Freese, Dakota signed
07/01/19 Cascone, Cage signed
06/29/19 Janisse, Skylar signed
06/29/19 Marshall, Montrell signed
06/29/19 LaRossa, John signed
06/29/19 Freese, Dakota released
06/29/19 Cascone, Cage released
06/27/19 Torre, Joe placed on inactive list
06/27/19 Jimenez, Wilkyns signed
06/27/19 Phillips, Brandon signed
06/27/19 Pugh, Tillman reinstated to active list
06/23/19 Eureste, Matt signed
06/23/19 Pope, Michael placed on inactive list
06/21/19 Derke, Graylin signed
06/19/19 Ehret, Jake reinstated to active list
06/19/19 Gaylord, Erick released
06/13/19 Checo, Dariel signed
06/13/19 Pope, Michael signed
06/13/19 Negrette, Alirio placed on inactive list
06/06/19 Fischer, Brandon traded to outside league Quebec Capitales
06/01/19 Melendez, Mike signed
06/01/19 Melendez, Mike released
05/31/19 Freese, Dakota signed
05/31/19 Freese, Dakota released
05/31/19 Remington, Jesse signed
05/31/19 Remington, Jesse released
05/31/19 Wark, Jacob signed
05/31/19 Wark, Jacob released
05/31/19 Files, Zach signed
05/31/19 Files, Zachary released
05/31/19 Gingras, Ricky released
05/31/19 Gingras, Ricky signed
05/30/19 Herr, Tyler signed
05/30/19 Myles, Harold signed
05/30/19 Leach, Alex signed
05/30/19 Wark, Jacob signed
05/30/19 Freese, Dakota signed
05/30/19 Gingras, Ricky signed
05/30/19 Files, Zachary signed
05/30/19 Brice, Carl signed
05/30/19 Remington, Jesse signed
05/30/19 Melendez, Mike signed
05/30/19 Cascone, Cage signed
05/30/19 Garcia, Eli signed
05/30/19 Crouse, Nick signed
05/30/19 Brill, Aaron signed
05/30/19 Pugh, Tillman signed
05/30/19 Fischer, Brandon signed
05/30/19 Gomez, Vladimir signed
05/30/19 Akins Sr., Nick signed
05/30/19 Clarke, Chevy signed
05/30/19 Fornaci, Chris signed