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Rockford RiverHawks - Échanges


08/21/12 Luciano, Carlos activated
08/21/12 Lindquist, Kyle placed on protected list
08/13/12 Brammer, Dylan released
08/09/12 Herrera, Javier traded to Southern Illinois Miners
07/26/12 Cuevas, Justino signed
07/21/12 Shepherd, Devin Retired
07/20/12 Drake, Blake released
07/07/12 Lee, Mike sold to Atlanta Braves
07/03/12 Gonzalez, Danny released
07/03/12 Anderson, Steve released
07/01/12 Crawford, Jack released
06/30/12 Clyde, Artie released
06/26/12 Rohe, Eric released
06/26/12 Liette, Jordan released
06/23/12 Minium, Theron released
06/17/12 Kiker, Kasey released
06/15/12 Gradney, Joey released
06/14/12 Archibald, Cliff released
06/14/12 Trudell, Cory released
06/12/12 Sarianides, Nick suspended
06/08/12 Hagburg, Elliot released
06/08/12 Stern, Jordan released
06/04/12 Patterson, Kevin released
06/04/12 Millan Jr., Elvin released
05/29/12 Richter, Jeremy released
05/29/12 Currie, Rob released