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Normal CornBelters vs River City Rascals: 12-9

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Offenses dominate as the Normal CornBelters outscore the River City Rascals 12-9

Story by Narrative Science.

Pitchers had a tough day during the game between the Normal CornBelters (4-11) and the River City Rascals (7-7), as the two teams put up 21 runs combined in a 12-9 the Normal CornBelters win.

The two teams combined for 27 hits in the game.

The Normal CornBelters came out swinging, scoring five runs in the first inning to jump ahead of the River City Rascals early. The Normal CornBelters scored in the first on an RBI double by Aaron Dudley, an RBI single by Dillon Haupt, and a three-run home run by RJ Perucki.

Dudley racked up five RBIs on four hits for the Normal CornBelters.

Eddie Cody recorded his first win for the Normal CornBelters even though he allowed five runs over five innings. Cody struck out one, walked none and gave up six hits.

Jack Duffey couldn't get it done on the bump for the River City Rascals, taking a loss. He lasted just one inning, walked none, struck out one, and allowed five runs.