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Normal CornBelters vs Gateway Grizzlies: 2-7

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Kimes allows no runs to lead the Gateway Grizzlies past the Normal CornBelters 7-2

Story by Narrative Science.

Corey Kimes kept the Normal CornBelters (2-9) off the board during his six innings of work and the Gateway Grizzlies (6-5) beat the Normal CornBelters, 7-2.

Kimes struck out seven and allowed two walks and two hits.

Blake Brown racked up two RBIs on one hit for the Gateway Grizzlies. He homered in the fifth inning.

Nolan Meadows racked up two RBIs on one hit for the Normal CornBelters. He homered in the seventh inning.

Chris Carmain (0-2) was the game's losing pitcher. He allowed seven runs in six innings, walked one and struck out three.