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Frontier Greys vs Joliet Slammers: 1-2

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The Joliet Slammers make the most of 3 hits in 2-1 victory over the Frontier Greys

Story by Narrative Science.

The Joliet Slammers (21-25) and the Frontier Greys (19-24) both threatened with rallies, but it was the Joliet Slammers that eventually took advantage of them in a 2-1 win at Silver Cross Field.

The Joliet Slammers relied on Michael Carden to eat up innings en route to the win. Carden pitched seven innings and allowed one earned run, five hits and two walks while striking out two.

Jordan Kraus allowed one earned run, three hits and two walks while striking out three over eight innings of work.

Kraus was charged with his third loss of the year.