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Lake Erie Crushers - Transactions


10/24/18 Davison Jr., James signed
08/27/18 Mirabal, Octavio signed
08/23/18 Watts, Luke placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
08/22/18 Perry, Derek signed
08/22/18 Maddern, Brandon signed
08/22/18 Watts, Luke Retired
08/22/18 Hutcheon, Dane sold to Cleveland Indians
08/17/18 Renzi, Sean placed on disabled list (minimum 60 days)
08/14/18 Meyer, Kewby activated
08/14/18 Williams, Dustin released
07/27/18 Hurley, Sean released
07/27/18 Klotz, Mason traded to Gateway Grizzlies for a player to be named later
07/20/18 Meyer, Kewby placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
07/20/18 Caicedo, Oriel signed
07/17/18 Hurley, Sean activated
07/17/18 Cowles, Tyler released
07/13/18 Lombana, Logan signed
07/13/18 Orvis, Austin released
07/13/18 Biedrzycki, Max released
07/05/18 Beyer, Micah signed
07/05/18 Murray, Donald released
07/03/18 Wheat, Dalton activated
07/03/18 Westphal, Ethan Retired
07/03/18 Hurley, Sean suspended 9
07/03/18 Newell, Cameron placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/30/18 Westphal, Ethan suspended Indefinitely
06/30/18 Lucio, Seth activated
06/29/18 McKeithan, Joel signed
06/28/18 Lachance, Kevin placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/26/18 Cowles, Tyler signed
06/26/18 Dacey, Matt released
06/22/18 Perez, Juan released
06/21/18 Hutcheon, Dane placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/20/18 Williams, Dustin signed
06/19/18 Wheat, Dalton suspended 12
06/18/18 Hafner, Travis Retired
06/16/18 McWilliams, Richard released
06/12/18 Hasler, Kent signed
06/12/18 Smith, Ben released
06/08/18 Orvis, Austin signed
06/05/18 Simonetti, Conner released
06/05/18 Meyer, Kewby acquired in trade from Schaumburg Boomers for PTBNL and 1st Round Pick
06/04/18 Deeg, Nick placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
06/01/18 Mayer, Brian released
06/01/18 Conlan, Brady released
05/28/18 Westphal, Ethan acquired in trade from River City Rascals to complete a previous trade
05/17/18 Geekie, Dalton sold to Chicago Cubs
05/15/18 Sinibaldi, Justin signed
05/07/18 Lobdell, Payton traded to Schaumburg Boomers for RHP Richard McWilliams
05/06/18 McWilliams, Richard acquired in trade from Schaumburg Boomers for Payton Lobdell
03/31/18 Martinez, DJ traded to Normal CornBelters for a player to be named later